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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

If you’re putting 100% into your training and recovery without being mindful of what you’re feeding your body, the chances are that you’re not maximising your athletic potential. Making smart nutrition choices can be the critical factor determining whether you reach your body composition, strength, performance and recovery goals or not. How athletes fuel themselves is a major component of the Precision Athletica model and our team of dietitian’s will educate and guide you in developing sustainable nutrition choices that will help you achieve your athletic goals, reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery. We will conduct a dietary, training and lifestyle assessment to determine areas needing improvement and factors that may be restricting you from achieving your goals. We will impart strategies specific to you, your sport and your lifestyle, including periodisation, intake optimisation, supplementation and preparation for competition. How you fuel yourself is critical to how you perform and we will be with you every step of the way to make genuine ongoing enhancements to benefit your sport and health.

Who would benefit from seeing a sports dietitian – the short answer is everyone who is looking to improve their health, wellbeing and performance. Regardless of age, gender or ability, sports dietitians can educate and provide strategies to make both immediate and long-term benefits to your life. 

The Director of our Sports Nutrition and Dietetics program is Ryan Pinto, Ryan also heads up sports nutrition for both the South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL team and NSW Waratahs Rugby Union side, as such he is ideally placed to impart years of cutting edge experience on our program and his team of Dietitians based at Precision Athletica. Watch this video to hear from Ryan about the program we run and philosophy’s we impart on our athletes. To get a sense of how our athlete sessions are structured, click here.


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The Importance of Nutrition for High Performance in Sports: Why You Should Work with a Nutritionist in Sydney

How consistent is your approach to your diet as an athlete? Do you consider the nutrients your body will receive with every meal and try to align it with the physical demands of your training, or do you follow a more free-flowing philosophy? The reality is the food you choose to fuel your body with matters. Unfortunately, this is one area where many athletes struggle, and for a good reason. Precisely what your body needs isn’t always easy to understand and timing your nutrient intake can be a tedious affair if you don’t see a clear way to make all your needs fit together.

The impact of one’s diet on athletic performance and ability is undeniable, but even professionals sometimes wander off track. That’s why seeking out the help of a sports nutritionist in Sydney can be of great help, even for those with a beginner’s level of skill — we can all benefit from a better approach to nutrition, after all. At Precision Athletica, we make sports nutrition an integral part of our overall professional-style training regimens while also offering nutritional consultations separately. Let’s consider what makes this such an important part of your training, and how our services can benefit anyone looking to develop better wellness.

Finding the balanced approach that works for your body and sport

“Eating right” is more than simply acquiring the right number of calories or consuming certain food groups. Your intake of macro-nutrients such as carbs and proteins can have a direct effect on your performance and the way your body responds to training. Without an organised plan, you can miss out on gains or make achieving a certain threshold more difficult as your body lacks the physical products necessary to develop to such a level.

So how do we help you develop a high performance sports nutrition plan? It starts with an in-depth assessment. We’ll look at information about your current diet, the training regimen that you follow, and even ask you questions about your current lifestyle. All this allows us to easily prepare a report on how you should tackle this difficult task. From advising you on what types of foods and how much of them to eat, to learning about timing your intake to correspond to training needs, there is much a nutritionist from our team can share with our athletic partners. We can even explore how to fuel your body in the time leading up to an intense competition, so when the start time arrives, you’re in peak condition.

Contact Precision Athletica to discover all your options today

At Precision Athletica, we offer far more than access to professional sports nutrition in Sydney. With an Olympic-class training facility and friendly professionals, tapping into your potential is accessible for anyone here. Learn more about our high performance training options, or contact us today to discuss arranging a conversation with a nutritionist at your convenience.