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High Performance Golf

Play longer and stronger with Precision Athletica

High Performance Golf applies the latest research in Physiotherapy and golf specific medicine and fitness, to get you back on the course quickly when you are injured, or provide you with a program to help you improve your golf, prevent injury and reach your ultimate potential.

High Performance Golf

Precision Athletica is NSW’s leader in Golf Physiotherapy, Training and Performance. Overseen by expert Sports Physiotherapist Matt Green, Precision Athletica is home to the Golf NSW High Performance Squad that has seen unprecedented success since working with our team. Along with the state team we also work on a daily basis with multiple PGA Tour Professionals, Jack Newton Junior Golf development teams, elite and aspiring amateurs and keen golfers of all ages who are seeking to get the most enjoyment possible from playing the game.

Our Services

At Precision Athletica our services focus on 3 main areas:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Education

Golf Athlete Screening

For golfers who wish to optimise their performance and minimise their risk of injury…

  • A comprehensive golf specific assessment and development of an individualised program to address specific deficits found in the screening.
    • Suitable for golfers who:
      • are interested in optimising their performance
      • wish to prevent injury
      • have a past history of injury

Call us on 02 9764 5787 to find out more about Golf Athlete Screening, or book your screening below:

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Rehabilitation of Existing Injuries

For golfers who have current injuries…

  • Assessment and treatment of current injuries
    • Suitable for golfers who:
      • are currently unable to play or playing with a degree of pain or dysfunction which is effecting their game
      • have injuries or pain unrelated to golf, but want to be treated by someone who understand the need to get back to golf ASAP!

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Your Golfing Body Seminars

For Golf Clubs and other groups interested in learning more…

  • Have Matt Green come and talk to your group about your golfing body as it relates to your specific group

Call us on 02 9764 5787 for more information and to speak to Matt about your needs.

High Performance Golf Consulting Services

For those with greater needs…

  • Long Term Athlete Development (Get on Tour and stay on Tour!)
    • Have Matt liase with your coach to plan your physical and technical development to reach your goals
    • Maximise your playing time on tour with reduced downtime due to injuries
    • Improve your consistency by improving your physical performance
  • Pennant Teams
  • Corporate Days
  • Whatever you want us to help you with!

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What other people say about Golf at Precision Athletica:


Precision Athletica have been an invaluable asset to my golf game. Since being a part of their program I have noticed a significant improvement to my golf swing which has allowed me to compete at a higher level.

Cameron Davis – Australian Open Champion & Golf Australia Elite Squad Member


I wholeheartedly endorse the philosophy, facilities and coaches available to the athletes at Precision Athletica. My golfers are now becoming athletes. Their output in power, control and precision has measurably improved since we started here. 

Dean Kinney, National Head Coach – Golf NSW & Golf Australia


The Golf program that Precision Athletica and Golf NSW have created is truly outstanding and the results in player development speak for themselves.

Brad James, High Performance Program Director – Golf Australia


Matt and the Precision Athletica Team have been coming out to Killara to run classes for my members for quite some time and the members have loved being able to work on their Golf Specific Movements and General Fitness. The members I teach who have attended Matts classes are more body aware and definitely improve there golf faster and play better golf.

Patrick Fairweather, Golf Professional – Killara Golf Club