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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning forms an integral component of the development of athletes at all levels. At Precision Athletica, our Strength and Conditioning Coaches work primarily in the top tier (the PERFORMANCE tier) of the PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE PYRAMID. Once at this tier, an athlete has the requisite MOBILITY and CONTROL required, to safely undergo performance training.

At all levels of the Pyramid, we believe in using a functional-based training approach. Our entire performance-enhancement methodology is focussed on improving the quality of movement first, through creating strong foundations of MOBILITY and CONTROL. From these strong foundations, we can then reinforce these quality movement patterns through training under load – be it strength, endurance, power or agility. This ensures our athletes achieve real, “on field” improvements in their performance.

To maximise your strength and conditioning sessions, we use equipment including:

  • Keiser Functional Trainer & POWER Rack – Keiser equipment uses air pneumatic resistance, meaning there is no momentum – this is in contrast to traditional pin or plate-loaded gym equipment. Because there is no momentum, we can train not only for strength, but also power; and because it is air resistance, there is also less joint loading. Using the Keiser gear, we can train traditional lifts, multi-joint functional movements, both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems development, as well as sports-specific movements. Check us out using the Keiser Functional Trainer.
  • Vertimax – The Vertimax allows us to train athletes primarily for jumping and speed (inline, lateral and rotational). With the Vertimax, you can train with resistance at multiple points on the body (upper body, lower body or trunk), through virtually any movement. Like the Keiser gear, an athlete can use Vertimax for aerobic and anaerobic energy systems development, and sports-specific movements. Check out the Vertimax in use at Precision Athletica.
  • Kettlebells – A weight is a weight, right? Well, not quite… The design of a kettlebell allows for quite a different form of training from standard dumbbell weight-training. There’s nothing wrong with training with dumbbells, but training with kettlebells lends itself to more functional movements, and depending on how it is used, can also add in a whole extra dimension of challenge and complexity. As a Precision athlete, you can be pretty sure you won’t be doing dumbbell bicep curls or front raises.

Our athletes’ programs are tailored to their individual needs, based on their performance testing results, and in consultation with physiotherapy, exercise physiology and sports science.

Gymnastics is at the pinnacle of our PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE PYRAMID. Building on the foundation of the CONTROL tier, where correct movement patterning and optimal spinal and joint stability has been achieved, we apply gymnastics principles to strength and power training, in the same way gymnasts train. Athletes from all sports can then apply these components of gymnastics to their sport, whether it be rugby, soccer, netball or any land-based sport.

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Essential High Performance Physiotherapy in Sydney for Everyone

To be at your optimum as an athlete, you must have the right equipment and knowledge. Accessing the right equipment may not be so much of a challenge but having the proper information can be.

If you have big goals to achieve in your fitness and athletic interests, you’ll want to invest in high performance physiotherapy in Sydney with Precision Athletica.

We know what it takes to perform at your optimum, and we’ve been helping athletes of every age and ability for four years. Located at the Athletics Centre in Sydney Olympic Park, we’re Sydney’s first top-level institute of sport available to the public.

We offer a variety of services, including high performance physiotherapy in Sydney, which allows you to have the same standard of quality practitioners and training equipment as the pro and Olympic athletes.

With our service, you’ll receive tailored training and knowledge that will help you achieve faster and more superior outcomes. Whatever your goal is, we’ll make sure you accomplish it.

One service we suggest is our high performance physiotherapy in Sydney. This is functional-based training that focuses on improving movement through establishing solid foundations of mobility and control.

Movement is reinforced through training under load, such as strength, endurance, power or agility which allows you to experience improvements in your performance. We do this by utilising equipment such as our Keiser Function Trainer and POWER Rack, Vertimax and Kettlebells. Contact us today to book your appointment to be at your optimum in performance and ready to go for the pros.