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One of the most common misconceptions about sports medicine is that physiotherapists only treat injuries. While a physio can undeniably help you towards recovery and rehabilitation from a sports injury, though, their core function is even more important: injury prevention and performance gains. At Precision Athletica, we offer sports physiotherapy in Sydney with the primary goal of keeping our athletes healthy and helping them maintain a focus on preventative health.

Injury Prevention: The Key to Staying Consistent with Your Athletic Development and Overall Health

It’s often been said that if you aren’t moving forward with your fitness or athletic development, you are going backwards. This statement is an oversimplification. Days for rest, recuperation and minimal physical exertion are key to the success and growth of any athlete. Indeed, at Precision Athletica, we include recovery as one of our four components of athletic development, along with fuel, physical and mindflow. Refusing to take breaks is one of the more common mistakes that athletes make when left to their own devices.

With that said, the ‘If you aren’t moving forward you’re going backwards’ philosophy certainly rings true when injuries enter the equation. An injury doesn’t just stall your athletic development; it also forces you to surrender some ground. This point explains why athletes struggle so much to give injuries the rest and recovery they deserve. Complete recovery from an injury can take weeks or months. Losing that much training time will have an impact on anyone’s athletic development.

For all these reasons, investing in long term health is one of the smartest things an athlete can do. By consulting with Precision Athletica for sports physio in Homebush, you can tweak your fitness routine so that you are minimising injury risks as much as possible. Remember that injuries can occur for many different reasons, from falls to worn out athletic equipment all the way to overuse. A physiotherapist can help you identify these risks and develop an athletic development plan that avoids them.

The goal of our Inner West physio team is to help you stay as consistent as possible with your fitness. We want you to continue your progress and achieve your highest potential sooner rather than later. Avoiding injuries is a huge part of that process, and consulting with our physiotherapists will help you do just that.

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Precision Athletica is Sydney’s first high-performance athletic centre that is open to all ages, levels and abilities. We pride ourselves on delivering the same standards of coaching, facilities, training and sports medicine that Olympians have, but making them accessible to everyone. No matter your sports or athletic ability, avoiding injury should be a high priority for you. To learn what you can do to keep yourself fresh and healthy, schedule an appointment with a physio in Olympic Park. Complete our online contact form to get in touch.