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DBands are a tool designed to develop dynamic power and speed when you are wearing them over your knee area, on the back and front of the legs.

The concept is that you have to override the resistance of the two short rubber bands at the same time. For this movement you use the kynetic power of the legs and hips while the core area is being stabilized.

Through the use of this tool you are able to develop inhanced speed and strength during your workouts.

Although the DBands (or Dynamic Bands) were mainly developed to increase speed, these moves also have a dependency on stability of the core of the body. That’s why this tool has a specific stabilization program, the main element of which is the dynamic stabilization.

DBands have lots of advantages and uses during functional training:

  • Grants stability
  • Improves coordination
  • Develops speed
  • Balance has to be found so balance is improved
  • Builds stamina
  • Prevents injuries
  • Builds muscle strength

All of these benefits are made possible by the tool’s mechanics. DBands are the only tool that become an integral part of the kynetic chain since it is building the two knees together and thus the tool must move along with its wearer. At the same time it gives you a fair amount of resistance that you have to fight. The point of anchor is the core area itself: that’s why it will continuously keep the core muscles working.

What other benefits can you get from the use of the mechanics of DBands?

  • Free range of movement for the joints, in every type of movement
  • The fighting of the resistance created can be used in other specific moves typical of the given sports
  • When you need to build up strength for specifc techniques, you may do that by improving it and as a result, instead of damaging your moves you may improve them

What other benefits does the use of DBands have?

  • The elastic resistance will act just like the muscles do: it stretches and then it relaxes, that’s why it can prevent injuries
  • The easy strap-on and strap-off action has a positive effect on the neuromuscular system
  • It will help you improve the specific moves needed for your chosen sport
  • It keeps the buttock muscles active so if you need strengthening in that area, your speed will also benefit
  • The muscle ’gluteus medius’ is always active in the lateral movements so in every sport where you need lateral movements it is extremely beneficial
  • You may further develop the varietites of exercise by focusing on strength-building, speed strength, stamina or speed stamina or by applying combination of them all

DBands are already used across many sports including athletics, weightlifting, tennis, soccer, martial arts, basketball, handball and golf.

Should you wish to purchase DBands, you can do so at Precision Athletica.

If you are interested in completing a professional training course in the use of DBands, see the next scheduled event: November Training Course