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How to Train to become a Golf Athlete – Free Seminar

Matt Green is a leader in the field of golf training and development, consulting to Golf Australia, Golf NSW, Jack Newton Junior Golf and thePGA Tour of Australasia. Matt works on a daily basis with golfers … Read the rest

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Strength & Conditioning in Football – Free Seminar

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September Athlete of the Month – Hannah Thorley

Precision Athletica is fortunate to work with some of the most talented, dedicated and inspiring athletes you could ever hope to meet. Each month our team selects a stand out performer  to feature as our Athlete of the Month.


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How to maximise your POWER output!

About our free seminar…

  • Are you maximising your power output?
  • Do you understand the continuum of power development specific to your sport?

It’s not all about strengthening your glutes and our seminar will help … Read the rest

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Is your young athlete training appropriately for their age?

Our seminar will outline …

  • The process of Long Term Athlete Development – the young athlete’s pathway to elite performance
  • How to maximise your young athlete’s potential
  • What is “Training Age”
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Hurdler increases mobility by 70%



This article was originally published in the Wentworth Courier, October 2015.  By Rebecca Dargie.

THE gap between a great athlete and an elite one can come down to fine tuning, but access … Read the rest

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Fat as a fuel

Increasing the reliance on fat as fuel during sport has certainly taken the sports nutrition world by storm in recent years, and this has forced many athletes to question if their current nutritional beliefs and practices are correct. Celebrity endorsements,

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Protein requirements for athletes

One of the most discussed topics regarding sports nutrition always seems to be around protein requirements. There seems to be so much confusion around timing, type and frequency. This piece aims to clear up the questions and guide athletes, both

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Swimmer’s Shoulder (it’s NOT an overuse injury)

Shoulder injuries are the most common injuries in swimmers. Typically, swimmers experience pain due to the rotator cuff tendons being pinched and becoming inflamed – this is known as shoulder impingement. Due to its frequency among swimmers, this particular … Read the rest

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Why MOBILITY comes first, CONTROL comes second, and PERFORMANCE is a distant third

MOBILITY and CONTROL are not exactly known for being the cool parts of an athlete’s training session. Those first and last 10 or 15min of a session spent doing a few hammy stretches and planks are often seen as something … Read the rest

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