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Swimmer’s Shoulder (it’s NOT an overuse injury)

Shoulder injuries are the most common injuries in swimmers. Typically, swimmers experience pain due to the rotator cuff tendons being pinched and becoming inflamed – this is known as shoulder impingement. Due to its frequency among swimmers, this particular … Read the rest

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Why MOBILITY comes first, CONTROL comes second, and PERFORMANCE is a distant third

MOBILITY and CONTROL are not exactly known for being the cool parts of an athlete’s training session. Those first and last 10 or 15min of a session spent doing a few hammy stretches and planks are often seen as something … Read the rest

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MINDFLOW | by Karen Haddad, Sport Psychologist

Mindflow is an integral part of Precision Athletica’s four-point performance model, focusing on the mental side of performance, including development of self-awareness, managing nerves, building confidence, psyching up and much more.

When you started your athletic career the focus tended … Read the rest

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